Description: It is generally agreed by most people who are alive today that racism, as it has been traditionally defined, is an evil and reprehensible ideology. Even though it is good that the moral consensus is that we should treat all people-groups and all individuals with dignity, it is a conclusion for which the unbeliever has no foundation. It is more a product of history than anything else. And because there is no foundation to this modern consensus, it can and is being undone.

This course will explore the difficult modern topics of race and human dignity from the perspective of God's eternal Word. We will ask engaging questions such as:

  • How do we know that racism is wrong?
  • From where do we obtain moral truth?
  • What does the Bible say about human worth and human nature?
  • What is God's plan for nations? For humankind?
  • What does the Gospel of Yeshua the Messiah have to say on this issue and what do we have to say to the unbeliever about it?
  • Does God prefer a particular people over another?
  • Do repentance and sin involve different things depending one's group belonging?
  • How helpful are the concepts of “race”, “ethnicity” and “nationality”?
  • What is Critical Race Theory and does it go along with, or against, the Word of God?

In seeking to answer these questions, it is our hope that the student will be better equipped and more confident to proclaim God's truth into a fallen world. 

Instructor: André-Philippe Therrien

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Description: Beginning basic Hebrew will give you the foundation to read and translate the Hebrew Bible of the Tanach.

Basics of biblical Hebrew will give you the foundations to read and make your way through the Hebrew Bible. This class is three-quarters long, and students need to remember that learning a language is difficult but very rewarding.

Instructor: André-Philippe Therrien

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