Description: Every quarter the class “Studies in the Parashot” will be offered and will be mandatory for all enrolled students. A student must be taking at least one other class in order to participate. Those enrolled in the C1 Program will earn 1 Qtr hr credit for each of the three quarters in their program. The class will consist of a weekly audio message based upon the Parashah for that week (Triennial Cycle) and required participation on the part of the student. The goal of the class is to encourage students in their devotional life as we study the Parashah, Haftarah, and Apostolic Readings together.

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Description: The third installment of Beginning Greek Grammar covers Chapters 25-36 of the textbook. Once finished, students should have a good grasp of biblical Greek and be able to work within the Greek Scriptures.

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Description: The study of God’s self-revelation in the creation, the Scriptures, and the Messiah. Primary topics covered: arguments for the existence of God, monotheism, plurality of the Godhead, and the attributes of God.

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Issues Covered Include:

1) Community vs. Congregation

2) Which Calendar Should We Follow?

3) Rabbinic Tradition & the Messianic Community

4) Assessing the Two-House Movement

5) Jews & Gentiles in the body of Messiah: The Case for One Torah

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Description: The third installment of Beginning Hebrew Grammar covers Chapters 21-30 of the textbook. Once finished, students should have a good grasp of biblical Hebrew and be able to work within the Hebrew Scriptures.

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Description: A 10-week overview of the geography of the Land of Israel, particularly as it relates to the biblical narrative. In other places, this same course might be known by other titles, such as “The Land of the Bible” or “Historical Geography of The Bible Lands, etc.” As a geography course, we will become acquainted with the land features, the climate, the roads, and the flora of ancient/biblical Israel. We will also make every attempt to relate Israel’s geographic features with events recorded in the Bible.

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Description: A continuing reading class to enhance the students ability to read Biblical Hebrew with more fluency. We will begin in 2Kings 6:13.

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Description: The History of Christianity is a two-term course spanning the approximately two thousand-year history of Christianity in its many forms. This type of course is frequently called “Church History.” However, for reasons that we will discuss in the course itself, we have chosen to refer to it by the name “The History of Christianity.” In the first term we will cover the first century through the prelude to the Reformation in Europe. In the second term we will examine the history from the time of the Reformation to our present day. During this course, we will pay particular attention to the relationship between Christianity in Europe and the Jewish people with whom it came into contact.

Textbooks: Justo L. Gonzalez, The Story of Christianity, Revised and Updated (HarperCollins, 2010).

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Description: A study of the methods and tools used for Hebrew exegesis of the Tanach. Selected texts from the Tanach, spanning the various genres, will be assigned in order to teach the student how the exegetical methods and tools are utilized in preparation for writing or teaching on the biblical text.

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